Image scanned by AS6E under Linux.

Welcome to the home page for the AS6E scanner driver for Linux.

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Image scanned with the AS6E running on Linux.

What is it?

It is, or at least it will be, a program to make the Artec AS6E parallel port interface scanner operate under Linux. Note: If you are looking for a driver for Windows, or other Windows help, go to the Artec homepage.

What is its status?

SANE is now supported! This means you can now use the driver with the SANE project's graphical front ends. See the SANE instructions to learn how.

It is still in development, but it seems to work for most people. Version 0.5 fixes problems with 2.6 kernels, and with using as6edriver with Sthe SANE network daemon.

I'm always looking for more testers. Thanks to those of you who have helped out by testing the driver, I now know that it works on most systems. On other machines there certainly WILL be problems. The scanner is very sensitive to timing, so parts of the code will have to be reworked so that signals get to it when they are supposed to. If you submit a bug report be sure to give me all the details of your hardware. Parallel port details are particularly important. I will write up a guide to getting info about your port at a later time. .

OK, I want it anyway, where can I get it?

The latest source release can be gotten here: version 0.5. See the change log for details.

To receive notice of new versions, join the as6edriver-devel mailing list.

To submit bug reports, access the CVS repository, check on progress, and for further information, go to the project page at Sourceforge.

Or contact me via email.

Eugene Weiss

Additional information for anyone who wishes to help with the development of the driver can be found here.

This web site, like the program it describes, is under rapid development. Check back soon for updates, especially links to documentation about the scanner, parallel port programming in general, and additional program documentation.

Last updated December 27, 2003